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Our Maine Coons

Say hello to our beautiful kings and queens! Currently we have ten cats in our breeding program. All of our foundation cats have been imported from historic and highly sought after lines. We spend years searching for the right cats to add to our program. All of our Maine Coons are fully health tested, and any cat that doesn't meet health, or breed standards is altered and placed in a loving pet home. Our cats are part of the family. Their health, comfort and happiness is the most import thing to us. We have a limit of three litters per queen, and she is given ample time to recover between litters. Please click on their pictures below to learn about each of our beautiful Maine Coons.

profile of  a red silver Maine Coon


Portrait of a female blue smoke Maine Coon.


Portrait of a black silver torbie Maine Coon.


close up of a black torti maine coon






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