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First off, thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about us! We have a small Maine Coon cattery west of Kansas City in Hoyt, Kansas.   


I fell in love with the breed when I got my first Maine Coon as a pet, I was hooked! From then on I knew, I wanted to have a house full of Maine Coon cats! Fast forward 20 years, I'm living my dream! 

How did we end up in Kansas, you may ask; well I joined the Coast Guard and after a tour of doing search and rescue in Oregon, I was stationed at the Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center located in Topeka.  I met my husband there! I got out of the Coast Guard to to raise our son, Huck. I'm now a full time child and cat wrangler!


In 2023, we expanded our operation. Cats need a lot of space, and too many cats in the home can cause stress. We converted a small barn into a custom cattery. This was a huge undertaking and no expense was spared for their comfort. Now complete with heat, air conditioning, hot water, and power. The building has two queening rooms, a large living room and four outdoor runs with access to the inside through cat doors. 

Our cats happiness, and comfort are the top priority. Although we certainly have the space and facility for a large operation with many cats, we limit the number the to avoid overcrowding and stress. Currently, we have 10 cats. The females are never overbred, each girl is given a long rest between litters and she's never bred more than 3 times. When their breeding career is over each cat is sterilized and placed with a family, or they remain with us as pets. 

Thanks for reading 

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